Band Camp 2014 -Thursday

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Band Camp 2014- Wednesday

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“Wacky Hat Wednesday…complete with a squid quartet!”

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Band Camp 2014 – Tuesday

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“Tie Dye Tuesday!”

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Band Camp 2014- Monday

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Details from Miss Latham

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Details from Miss Latham:
Hello Band Folks:

First of all, we have 42 people who need to see us regarding missing or incomplete forms (there will be a list posted). In the morning we will have this and other lists posted on the windows of the drama room. All parents and students are responsible checking these lists for knowing if they have a problem with their forms, and memorizing their bus AND room number. When we get to campus students will have a much easier time finding their room if they already know this information.

If at any time during the week you have an EMERGENCY and you need to get in touch with us, please call campus security at 260-316-1877. This phone number is for emergency only and should not be used for general purposes.

If your student will be riding home from camp with you or someone of your choosing, please open the following document and type your name in the “B” cell next to your student’s name. If you are giving permission for them to ride home with someone else, please put that person’s name in the “C” column. If this is not something you feel comfortable doing, please send a written note with your student and we will record it for you.

Parents, don’t forget to come to Trine to see the exhibition on Saturday at 10 AM.

See you soon,
Miss Latham

A note from Mrs Fayling:

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Band Camp Secret Surprise! The Shewe family has arranged a FUN surprise for camp! Sadly, Mrs. Shewe lost her mother this week & has been unable to get the word out about this cool event, so we’re helping out. Understanding the kids already need a little spending money for camp, if every band student could bring $2.00 to $3.00 extra to camp to help with the cost of putting this on for the entire Band, it would be terrific. The kids will be delighted & parents will love what the kids will bring home once it is finished. And no, students…we won’t tell you what it is, haha!

PLEASE email/msg your band friends & parents and PASS THE WORD!

Important Information from Miss Latham

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Important information from Miss Latham:

Hi Everyone,
Just some last minute reminders as we get rolling into our competitive season:

  1.  Check my website regularly for calendar and other details
  2.  Don’t forget pre-camp this week Wednesday through Friday from 8-Noon: bring a snack, your water bottle, your instrument, sunscreen and music
  3.  Freshman only will have their uniform fittings and orientation for band on Saturday. Please bring all forms and final payments at that time.
  4.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors need to bring their missing forms and final payments to their meetings from 7-8 AM on Wednesday (seniors), Thursday (Juniors) or Friday (Sophomores).
  5.  Our trailer(s) will be loaded on Friday so please plan on leaving your instrument in the trailer at that time.
  6.  Luggage for camp is limited to one suitcase and a small back pack per participant.
  7.  Don’t forget to bring your own PILLOW, SHEETS, BLANKET, TOWELS AND WASH CLOTHS.
  8.  The food at camp is amazing, but some students do like to order a pizza while at camp otherwise students should be okay with $20 spending money.
  9.  Parents, don’t forget to come down to campus on Saturday morning to see our first exhibition. We will perform right around 10 AM.

I look forward to seeing you all in just a couple of days.

Miss Latham

CORRECTION! Please read!

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The Saturday band camp check in of past years has been REPLACED by the grade level meetings occurring during the week.  That means the only students/parents who need to show up on Saturday are the Freshmen.  It also means all students will need to submit any and all remaining band camp paperwork at their scheduled grade level meeting.

Forms can be found here:

Also, the band trailer will be loaded on Friday.  All students need to be sure their instrument is at the school on Friday so it can be loaded!

Volunteers needed!

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Volunteers are needed to help fit uniforms this week.  Any  help would be greatly appreciated, especially on Saturday for the freshmen fittings.  The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, July 23, 8am to 12pm* Senior Fitting
Thursday, July 24, 8am to 12pm* Junior Fitting
Friday, July 25, 8am to 12pm* Sophomore Fitting
Saturday, July 26, 9am to 12pm Freshmen Fitting/Band Camp Check in

*Note: The fitting for returning Band Students may not take the entire 4 hrs of pre-camp.
Help will also be needed hemming pants….please e-mail if you can help with hemming.

Band camp room assignments have been posted.  Per Miss Latham:  “We had some issues with the room lists, so please be patient with us. As the website says, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME WITH CHANGES TO ROOMS unless you are not on the list, we will take care of changes at pre-camp next week.”

Band camp room assignments:

Mens Dorm

Womens Dorm

Band camp packing list:

Packing Check list

Fan t-shirt order form:

Fan shirt

SPIRIT DAYS!  Optional but FUN!  Show us your spirit:

Mustache Monday
Tie dye Tuesday
Wacky Hat Wednesday
Twin Thursday
Camo Friday
Saturday we will wear our Wicked shirts and black athletic shorts.



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